What Happened To Destination Truth?

Destination Truth has been at the center of recent rumors that it has been cancelled. Although no official statement has been made by Syfy, they are not planning or filming any new episodes of the hit paranormal tv show..

Destination Truth has been on air since 2007 and has ran for five seasons. The show has been a favorite with many paranormal TV fans, as they have watched Josh Gates and crew, travel the world in search of the most mysterious and supernatural claims that can be found. With the apparent popularity of the show, the long hiatus of Destination truth has many fans wondering..What happened to Destination Truth?

destination-truth-cancelledAccording to one forum on Syfy, Destination Truth has not been cancelled, but is on hiatus. Most people see this as a nice way to say “cancelled”, but there have been other shows that took long “breaks” and made it back for a new season. Haunted collector is a good example. However, Destination truth isn’t alone on it’s potentially permanent vacation.

Another popular Syfy show, “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” is also on hiatus, with many fans fearing the worst. In response to the many questions about the new season for 2013, Ben Hansen recently tweeted

Lots of people asking about a new Fact or Faked season. There’s no season currently ordered, but we promise to announce when we hear word


,Similar things have happened with Ghost Hunter’s International, which runs on the same network. Which leads to the question..What is Syfy thinking?

The success of paranormal tv shows, like the ones being put on hiatus, has been a major part of the network’s growth over the years. It certainly wasn’t the cheesy made for tv movies that put them on the map. So is Syfy done with paranormal TV? Or are the current shows simply not up to the networks expectations? If Destination Truth or Fact or Faked have not been cancelled..When will we see new episodes in 2013? Fans have so many questions, yet there have been very few answers from Syfy.

Meanwhile, Josh Gates has created a new reality show called “Stranded“, which is described as an “unconventional and terrifying paranormal and psychological experiment”. You can find it on the same network..Unless it’s been put on hiatus too. I can’t keep up with these things.