Is Ghost Adventures Real?

Is Ghost Adventures Real?

This question has been debated by Zak Bagans haters and “Ghost Adventures” fans for awhile now. The video and audio footage that has been captured by the paranormal investigation team is undoubtedly amazing. Sometimes even downright creepy. Whether this footage is real or not, is another question.

Many paranormal investigators will tell you that capturing evidence of the undead is not an easy thing to do. Too many times, ghost hunters will leave a location empty handed. So how does the Ghost Adventures crew always seem to hit the paranormal jackpot?

There are two different ways to approach the question, “Is Ghost Adventures Real?”. First we must consider the element of Hollywood entertainment. Nobody wants to watch an hour of sitting in the dark and thumb twiddling. So we must assume that television producers are in the business of producing “real” footage for the television series.

On the other hand, we have to consider the time and money dedicated to each investigation. Whereas your average run of the mill paranormal investigation team has limited time and resources, The Ghost Adventures Crew does not. Their entire life consists of finding evidence to support the existence of ghosts. They have the very best equipment and much more time for paranormal happenings to occur.

Zak Bagans has said that they too, have been left empty handed after an investigation. What you see is a collaboration of the very best highlights. Hours of filming are simply left on the editing room floor.

Is it more likely that Ghost Adventures will find evidence of the paranormal, than say..You and me? I would say yes. But is The Ghost Adventures evidence actually real?

The actual footage has not been released to the public to be analyzed. When asked if any of the evidence could be released to the public, in an Interview with Cinema Suicide, Bagans stated:

“That’s why we feature various independent experts to analyze our footage in all our documentaries and shows to get as close as we can to validating it for the public.”

So it doesn’t seem likely that The Ghost Adventures team will be releasing their collected evidence to the general public anytime soon. However, Bagans and his team are always open to skeptics. In a recent interview with DailyDead.Com, Zak pointed out that many skeptics simply do not understand that they too, are in the business of debunking alleged paranormal activity.

We debunk our own stuff too. Skeptics don’t always understand that we’re on their side as well. We did an investigation at a train station, and brought a full blown skeptic with us. We thought we caught an apparition on video, and we could have just aired the supposed apparition and shown this skeptic who was blown away on camera. But, I called security, the restaurant, and proved that they stayed late last night and that it was a person. I didn’t have to do that, but called the skeptic the next day and said that we were able to debunk it.

While people think we capture all kinds of sh*t, we use the word “unexplained” a lot. “Unexplained” means that we have no explanation for it. It doesn’t mean that a ghost caused it. It just means that we were unable to prove it, but a lot of things we do capture are paranormal.

– Zak Bagans

Zak Bagans seems genuine in his effort to prove the existence of ghosts and has been consistent in all interviews since the beginning of the Ghost Adventures craze. He attributes his obsession with ghosts to a personal experience he had while living in a Trenton, MI apartment building. Zak claims that he was tormented by the ghost of a woman who had committed suicide in the building. This experience was so powerful that it began his quest for proving the unknown.

Whether or not Ghost Adventures is real, will probably remain a mystery for now. Proving that Ghost Adventures Is Real, would require scientific proof that ghosts exist. Unfortunately, that will probably be no time soon.

So Is Ghost Adventures Real? We may never know, unless one of our favorite investigators, decides to give an all out confession. Until then, fans will continue to believe and skeptics will continue to do the opposite. Fortunately for us, we can all continue to enjoy the spooky and unexplained experiences of the team, on our television screens.