Hoia Baciu – Haunted Forest

The Romanian Haunted Forest, known as Hoia Baciu has many stories and local legends surrounding it. Tales of Ghosts, spirits and even ufo’s have emerged from the mysterious forest in Transylvania. Visitors to the forest have often reported feelings of nausea, disorientation and other physical symptoms. Elevated EMF fields also seem to be present at Hoia Baciu. Countless sightings of ghostly apparitions have been reported by visitors to these legendary woods.

One of the most interesting things about the Haunted Romanian Forest is the land itself. Within the forest is a mysterious circle that no plant life can grow in. Soil tests have been conducted but have not been able to explain the strange phenomenon. However, the lifeless circle is there and often at the center of paranormal tales from the forest.

Hoia-Baciu-haunted-forestOne of the most commonly reported experiences inside of Hoia Baciu is a mysterious light (or lights) that appear to visitors. Much like the Paulding light in the US, these lights have been seen by many, yet there are still no answers as to what they are and where they originate. Disembodies voices are frequently heard and many locals believe that if you should wander into the Hoia Baciu forest..You may never return.

Searches for the history of this haunted forest do not yield many results. It has only become widely known since the 1960′s, but locals have avoided this small patch of land and for centuries. Not much is known about the forest, but what the locals know without a doubt..Is that the forest is evil.

Most people brave enough to enter the forest after dark, are not able to stay long enough to get any answers. They quickly become victims of the strange and overwhelming power of the forest.

So what is the explanation for Hoia Baciu? Could there be something that history has forgotten about this mysterious place? Is this patch of land truly evil as locals have suggested for centuries? You decide.