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Ghost Sightings, Ghost Videos and Weird News

Ghost Report brings you the Latest Ghost Sightings, Ghost Videos and Paranormal News every day. We work hard to provide the very best Ghost Sightings and interesting news stories that you might not find with the mainstream media. We are dedicated to sharing the paranormal with the world, through examples of evidence and news stories that highlight the world of ghosts. We are also constantly adding new haunted places, along with their histories and legends.

In The News

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Read our latest news, featuring ghosts, and other strange reports from around the globe.

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Paranormal Places

Travel the worlds most haunted places. Learn the creepy history, and legends that surround some of the planets most paranormal places.

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Paranormal TV

Get the latest news on your favorite paranormal tv shows and investigators. See what happened and what is coming soon.

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Latest Ghost Videos

Watch the latest and spookiest ghost videos out there. Catch a glimpse of the afterlife, or debunk claims of ghosts caught on camera. Use our unique ghost video player, to rewind, zoom and slow down each creepy clip.

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Pictures of Ghosts?

Ghost sightings have often been captured by cameras. Most often these ghost pictures are captured by accident and have left many skeptics scratching their heads. Are these real ghost pictures? View and decide.

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We are currently looking for Ghost Report authors, who want to share their favorite Ghost Videos, Sightings and Paranormal news stories. If you are interested, just use our contact form to let us know! thanks for reading Ghost Report and be sure to visit often, as we are growing creepier by the minute.

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